About me

Hello, my name is Karolina Augustyńska and I am a cultural anthropologist by profession. Together with my husband, who is a graphic designer, we are working in web designing, but I am also passionately fond of cats. This passion has turned out to be so insidious that currently I have 12 feline tails at home – mostly screaming, uncontrollable and impudent Peterbalds, that is bald reavers, but there are also two Bengal she-cats. I am running a cattery of Peterbalds BELLA BITIS*PL.

At some point I decided to combine both my passions and start designing feline websites for breeders and cat freaks - it all began with designing for friends and acquaintances - now I have a portfolio consisting of websites for felinological associations, commercial cat businesses, individual breeders, etc. You are cordially invited to get familiarized with all my feline projects.
After a period of time, it turned out that dog breeders are interested in my projects, so that now in my portfolio there are also dog projects. Many breeders, in addition to pursuing their passions that are animals, are also running their businesses related or not to breeding. In this way, projects completely not related to pets appeared in my portfolio, but they are here because they are projects of friends.
In creating websites I invite to cooperation  breeders of not only cats and dogs, but also other pedigree animals, veterinary clinics, dog schools, hotels for animals, foundations working for animals.

In the photos there are my beloved Peterbalds + two villains in Bengali skin and Siamese-oriental duet, that is the crime syndicate under the name of my cattery BELLA BITIS*PL.  Daily banditry + discreet charm of the bourgeoisie - I just can't resist them... And you? :)