First, the client has to make sure what information he/she wants to put on the website. With this end in view, it is best to estimate the number of particular bookmarks/windows and prepare the very first draft of the content.

It is also worth deciding upon the most suitable style/colour scheme/climate of the website, or precise the visual preferences, e.g. by adding a few examples of favourite websites or their short descriptions.

Moreover, the client should consider if the website is going to be updated by adding new texts and images independently (using Content Management System), or by getting a specialist to do it.

Besides, it is worthwhile holding a professional photo session for your pets or taking pictures of them on your own, but then you should make sure they are of high resolution. I will manage all the remaining photo editing.

...finally, feel free to contact me. I would be glad to talk about your website as well as the cats :)