I guarantee that my clients will receive:

  • a spectacular presentation of cats or dogs with copyrighted, always original and unique graphics,
  • easy access to the website update thanks to the CMS – using the administration panel is easy, fast and uncomplicated so that our clients could create bookmarks/windows of the website themselves, adding images and galleries
  • readability, uniqueness and intuitiveness (the reader will navigate the website easily and eagerly, finding the adequate information quickly)
  • the website uniformity in all Internet browsers available,
  • a professionally-performed project
  • an expert photo editing,
  • reliability and fast pace of work – you do not have to wait for your website for months. It will be ready within 7 to 10 days after all the materials are delivered to us.


Why should cat breeders have their websites:

  • the Internet is the most rapidly developing advertising media nowadays, therefore if you wish to show your pets to the whole world, the easiest way is to enhance your presence on the Internet
  • the Internet website is also a kind of advertisement; it is a smart business card aimed at marketing your business as well as your pets
  • on your website we can provide a potential buyer with the information about your cats – their image galleries, pedigree, offspring from coupling, etc.